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You are creative, driven and passionate about healthcare. You may be a leader already and wanting to grow or you would like to take that leap. You have an entrepreneurial spirit and your opinions are often sought out. 


YET, you are frustrated and finding it difficult to sort out your purpose and path. You are not sure what idea or vision for yourself to land on or how to even move them forward. You are restless and you know that there is so much more out there for you.


You need to define your goals and move forward.​


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I am a midwife, passionate advocate for midwifery, innovator, and certified
leadership coach.


My focus has been on creating unique models of care, and positioning midwives as lead care professionals. Lately my focus has shifted to helping others, especially women, especially in healthcare, and especially emerging leaders to discover their secret sauce, flex their super powers and create real change both in and out.


My greatest joy is seeing someone's inner spark ignite and helping them discover what they want and how to get it.

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Do you have a treasure trove of ideas that never get beyond your own thoughts?


Do you want something different for yourself but can’t seem to get out of the starting gate?


Are your own thoughts and fears holding you back?


I can help you discover your inner SPARK, ignite the FLAME and achieve the career YOU want.



A change maker

Who has fresh ideas, thinks outside the box, is very curious but often misunderstood. You are dying to see some much needed changes both in yourself, your workplace and others. Maybe you've made some in roads with some changes, but a lot of times they don't land they way you intended. You are ready to take some risks and make big things happen but you are not sure how to do that

A leader

You may be in a official leadership position already, and wanting more for yourself. Or you may be the unofficial, natural leader of a group. Perhaps you want to be seen as a leader by others and really lead a team all the way. You have a lot of what it takes, but you can't figure out where that opportunity is or how to navigate it. You know you want to lead, you believe you can but you are also afraid of what that means.


 You want great things for yourself but it's important that you stay true to you.  Your values are who you are and when questioned you can really see red and sometimes are not your best self.  You know there must be a way to be both: an innovative leader and your authentic self 

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If you think I am speaking to you and want to know more, lets connect.

The best way to know if coaching will work for you is to try it yourself.
Book a 20 minute intro session at no charge and no obligation - let's do this thing!


I offer a small individualized approach to coaching that is boutique in nature, completely customized to YOU, committed to you and available to you during the journey.

 I work with only a few select group of clients and offer one to one coaching sessions, tools that get at the heart of you, curated resources and a continuous connection. You will define your goals, your big ideas, your vision and you will create and execute a plan to get there. 

I do not coach to the masses or to just anyone. You are my perfect client and I am your perfect coach. Together we can do anything.  

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What people are saying

“Through coaching, Carol uses her insightful and inquisitive process to show me how to get out of my own way, ask myself the tough questions, and carve the path I want to take towards fulfilling my goals. The coaching experience has brought the joy back to my work, and allowed me to stretch out of my comfort zone to grow as a health care leader, a peer mentor, and a person. Carol’s enthusiasm for her work as a coach is contagious, and her experience as an innovative leader has helped me feel limitless.”

Megan McCarrell, Registered Midwife


" Being coached by Carol was a great experience for me. She is approachable and open and creates a space that is warm and safe. I had just started a new role and was struggling to get my footing and find my voice on a new team. Working with Carol helped me to discover my own barriers to success. It was a very positive experience and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to grow as an individual."

Hillary, Nurse Practitioner

"When I started coaching sessions with Carol, I felt weighed down and almost paralyzed by some big career decisions I needed to make. Carol helped me to see realistic possibilities and take a huge leap of faith. She asked big questions in a safe, supportive way and I left our sessions feeling inspired and fearless. I am now much better at asking for what I need and chasing after what I want in life.  Thank you for helping me turn my worrisome “what ifs” into “why nots”!"

Stephanie Zaheer, Registered Midwife



"Carol has tremendous insight and great skill in guiding her clients towards finding their own answers. I personally have benefited from her non-judgmental but very skillful way of asking just the right questions to help me find my own truth."


Dr. Garcia, MD, FRCSC

"I was having a hard time deciding if I should continue my education. I was really struggling with this decision, as this was something I wanted to do, to further my career, and for self-fulfillment.  I booked an appointment with Carol. I was unsure of what this session was going to look like. It was life changing. Carol helped me to see what is important in my life, what my goals are, and what my strengths are. I left with some strategies to assist me with achieving my goal. Carol is a great listener, realistic, supportive, and caring. I really recommend her services. Thank- you Carol!"

Tamara Raines, Registered Nurse

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Based in Toronto, Ontario. Available worldwide.

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